What Is Corrugated Packaging?


Corrugated boxes are almost the same to cardboards but their difference is that, corrugated packages are more durable and there is no need to worry of damaging your goods. It is used for packaging in food industry most of the time due to the safety and quality of boxes as it’s made with eco friendly materials. Read more great facts on Custom Retail Box, click here.

And because of the reason that these boxes are being used often in packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, these are sometimes called as brown boxes. Say for example that you wonder which materials is used to make these boxes, it is actually made from fibrous pulp that is extracted from pine trees. For more useful reference regarding Custom Floor Display, have a peek here.

By using corrugated boxes, it is a lot cheaper for companies as it’s made of recycled cardboard boxes. Packaging companies can break down these boxes and methods used are similar to making corrugated boxes from the start. Aside from the fact that you are cutting on cost when buying these boxes, you can even help the environment.

Another known benefit of using these materials is that, it don’t have sharp edges that may potentially harm you while transporting these boxes or even when packing goods. It is even capable of handling pressure very well and stacking them up against each other is possible without having to worry that the boxes will get damaged.

Like what we have mentioned recently, recycled paper is the primary materials to create these boxes, making totally safe for the environment. This goes well too if your company is headed to green technology. The materials that are used to manufacture these boxes are organic and thus, there’s no way that you’re harming the environment. There aren’t harmful chemicals that are used in the process to create corrugated packaging.

Since corrugated boxes have smooth surfaces, it is easy to print label stickers on them. Aside from the fact that you are giving the packaging company easy time with proper labeling, this can also be ideal for branding for your packaging as well. Remember that these boxes are also made with long lasting materials and may be used for a long time. Therefore, as long as you are using this and out in the market, it can provide good marketing strategy. You can even print your company name, logo, phone number and even website address right on the packaging labels.

You can be certain that all goods inside are delivered in good condition by using corrugated packaging. The reason for this is that the packaging has 3 or more layers of cardboard and packing products in a compact manner can be so easy. Please view this site http://www.ehow.com/how_5656898_make-custom-cardboard-box-sizes.html for further details.


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